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The colour of the light produced by the product.
冷白光 (1)
The length of time that the bulb will last for.
25000 小時 (1)
The type of fitting (used in pipe plumbing systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes, such as regulating or measuring fluid flow) or cap (a pipe fitting used to seal the end of a pipe).
GU5.3 (1)
Luminous flux or luminous power is the measure of the perceived power of light measured in lumen. The luminous flux is a weighted sum of the power at all wavelengths in the visible band.
450 lm (1)
The energy efficiency of the appliance is rated in terms of a set of energy efficiency classes from A+++ to G on the label, A+++ being the most energy efficient, G the least efficient.
A+ (1)
The power of the lamp, usually measured in watts (W).
5.3 W (1)
Integral LED

我們只在 Open Icecat 開放式目錄上顯示與本公司訂立正式協議的參與公司(贊助廠商)的品牌標誌,讓他們的產品內容可以免費出現在所有通路合作夥伴的網站上。 Open Icecat 開放式目錄是具有具大影響力的商務網路,因為它被使用在 74536 已經是通路合作夥伴
Integral LED ILMR165.3N04KWENA 5.3W GU5.3 A+ 冷白光 LED燈 (ILMR165.3N04KWENA)

Integral LED ILMR165.3N04KWENA, 冷白光, A+, 12 V, 650 mA, 5.3 kWh, 5 cm

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