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1 year (first year) EMEA On-site Repair Next Business Day Response Uplift
產品代碼 :
種類 :
Extending the warranty & support beyond that offered by the manufacturer/retailer, so that the purchase is covered for a longer period of time.
產品規格表品質: 由 Icecat 創建/標準化
只匯入物流資料: 我們只有從供應商匯入的基本資料,還沒有由一個編輯器建立的資料表。
建立者: Toshiba: 一個資料規格表是從製造商的官方來源匯入的。但是這個資料規格表尚未被 Icecat 編輯器標準化。
由 Icecat 創建/標準化: 該資料表是由一個 Icecat 編輯器建立或標準化。
發佈日期: 27 Jun 2005
Icecat 第一次注意到該產品被列入通路合作夥伴的價格清單的日期
訊息修訂於: 21 Dec 2015 23:33:57
此產品規格表在 Icecat 系統內最近更新的日期
產品瀏覽次數: 11056
這個統計數字是根據 61915 利用電子商務網站 〈網路商店、代理商、比價網站、電子商務平均價格、採購系統,等等〉下載此 Icecat產品規格表,從 27-06-05 免費的 Open Icecat 內容發佈只有包含贊助品牌,被使用在 60276 免費開放给 Open Icecat 使用者.
簡短說明 Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD:
簡短的編輯描述Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD
1 year (first year), EMEA, On-Site, NBD

市場行銷文檔 Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD

This Toshiba service upgrades the 3 years base warranty on your Toshiba laptop to a convenient On-Site Repair Next Business Day Response service for the first year.

Key benefits

- Fast convenient repair service - minimises downtime, maximises productivity

- EMEA consistent service - on-site or while travelling away from the office, we come to you

- Easy access to quality Toshiba service - one telephone number across EMEA

- Easy purchasing - one service part number across EMEA

- Enhanced system coverage from day one - purchase your WarrantyPack at the same time as your Toshiba notebook

- Simple budgeting - all parts and labour are covered by the service package


- Once registered, the service is valid for one year from the initial purchase date of your Toshiba notebook.

Service level

- This service upgrades your three years standard warranty on your Toshiba notebook to an On-Site Repair Next Business Day Response service for the first year.

- To obtain service, simply call the Toshiba Support Centre using one toll-free telephone number across EMEA. If the problem is hardware related, Toshiba will endeavour to provide a Toshiba certified service engineer before the end of the next business day, assuming the call has been accepted before 3:00 p.m. local time.

Service hours

- This service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, excluding public holidays.

Service coverage

- The service is provided at customer's location located within a 100 km radius of major cities. If a service request is generated for a laptop located outside the 100 km radius, the service will be provided on a best effort basis.

- In the EMEA countries where On-Site Repair Next Business Day Response service is not available, the highest level of service available will be provided.

- This service includes helpdesk support for hardware classified service requests.

- This service only covers the cost of service parts and labour required to restore the product to full working order as well as the cost for providing a technician on-site.


- This service is only available for Toshiba notebook models with a three year standard warranty. Please check the compatibility list below for an exact overview of the compatible notebook models.

Geographic coverage

- This service is available to Toshiba customers owning a Toshiba notebook registered for this service and resident or travelling within one of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) countries supported, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


- This WarrantyPack is only valid if purchased within 30 days of the procurement of your Toshiba notebook and must be activated within 30 days after purchase in order to use the service.

- To activate your WarrantyPack, you must register on-line at: www.toshiba-europe.com/registration
簡短摘要說明 Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD:
這個 %%title %%規格表的簡短摘要是自動生成的,並使用產品標題和前6個關鍵指標。
Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD, On-site, Portégé M750-12F Portégé R700-15R Portégé R200-126 Portégé R400-100 Portégé R600-101
完整摘要描述 Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD:
這是一個根據前五個產品規格組的前三個規格來 Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD 的自動生成的完整摘要。
Toshiba 1 Y, EMEA, On-Site, NBD. 年份數: 1 year(s), 類型: On-site, 兼容性: Portégé M750-12F Portégé R700-15R Portégé R200-126 Portégé R400-100 Portégé R600-101
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Period of time over which the product may be used.
1 year(s)
Characteristics of the device.
The other products, software and hardware this product can be used with.
Portégé M750-12F
Portégé R700-15R
Portégé R200-126
Portégé R400-100
Portégé R600-101
Portégé M750-10L
Portégé R700-181
Portégé R700-1DD
Portégé M200-105
Portégé M750-11R
Portégé R500-126
Portégé R500-12S
Portégé R600-10Q
Portégé R500-106
Portégé M750-13C
Portégé M780-102
Portégé R700-17X
Portégé S100-100
Portégé R200-130
Portégé M750-116
Portégé R500-100
Portégé R500-124
Portégé R500-11B
Portégé R500-11C
Portégé M400-11G
Portégé M700-13P
Portégé M750-12G
Portégé R600-13X
Portégé R700-160
Portégé R700-17Z
Portégé M400-146
Portégé M700-11F
Portégé R600-12L
Portégé R600-110
Portégé M700-139
Portégé R600-11B
Portégé R500-11Z
Portégé A600-14C
Portégé A600-16P
Portégé M750-159
Portégé M780-10X
Portégé R700-183
Portégé R700-182
Portégé S100-115
Portégé S100-101
Portégé M200-152
Portégé M300-102
Portégé R200-110
Portégé M750-11W
Portégé R600-12G
Portégé A600-16N
Portégé R400-106
Portégé M400-10P
Portégé M750-10K
Portégé A600-12O
Portégé M700-13B
Portégé R600-13Z
Portégé R600-140
Portégé R700-15U
Portégé M780-10H
Portégé R700-1DF
Portégé M200-102
Portégé M100-112
Portégé M300-101
Portégé M400-143
Portégé M400-145
Portégé M800-106
Portégé R500-10I
Portégé R500-125
Portégé R600-10T
Portégé M700-13A
Portégé R500-10J
Portégé M780-106
Portégé R700-15T
Portégé R700-15V
Portégé R700-185
Portégé R700-1DH
Portégé M400-105
Portégé M400-144
Portégé R500-10U
Portégé M400-11H
Portégé R600-108
Portégé R600-149
Portégé R700-15W
Portégé R700-155
Portégé R700-15X
Portégé M780-10V
Portégé R700-184
Portégé R700-1DC
Portégé R700-1DE
Portégé R700-1DG
Portégé M780-112
Portégé M700-110
Portégé R600-12Z
Portégé R500-11K
Portégé R600-102
Portégé M750-10J
Portégé A600-122
Portégé M800-11J
Portégé R600-11Q
Tecra A10-1C5
Tecra M10-1CD
Tecra M10-1CN
Tecra R10-142
Tecra M11-17W
Tecra M11-14L
Tecra A5-102
Tecra A2-502
Tecra A2-108
Tecra A8-162
Tecra M5-388
Tecra M9-12C
Tecra M9-12S
Tecra A10-10P
Tecra M9-14B
Tecra M10-19V
Tecra M9-1B7
Tecra A10-104
Tecra M9-136
Tecra A9-51S
Tecra A10-16D
Tecra M9-12L
Tecra R10-10H
Tecra A9-13P
Tecra A9-150
Tecra M10-1CE
Tecra M11-11K
Tecra M5-102
Tecra A4-160
Tecra M7-115
Tecra A4-132
Tecra M5-210
Tecra A6-176
Tecra M9-101
Tecra M10-11V
Tecra M10-12M
Tecra A9-50X
Tecra M10-11X
Tecra M10-14S
Tecra M10-15A
Tecra M9-13A
Tecra A9-151
Tecra A9-153
Tecra M10-1H6
Tecra M11-17V
Tecra A3X-140
Tecra A3X-137
Tecra M5-208
Tecra A2-104
Tecra A6-108
Tecra M5-127
Tecra A6-131
Tecra M5-389
Tecra M5-390
Tecra A8-180
Tecra A9-11K
Tecra M9-15R
Tecra M9-149
Tecra M9-14C
Tecra M9-1B8
Tecra A8-106
Tecra A9-51B
Tecra A10-14P
Tecra A10-156
Tecra A10-19P
Tecra M11-11J
Tecra M11-11L
Tecra M11-17U
Tecra A3-151
Tecra M3-272
Tecra A6-132
Tecra M3-177
Tecra A8-191
Tecra A8-176
Tecra A9-127
Tecra A9-11M
Tecra M9-15H
Tecra M9-15I
Tecra M9-14F
Tecra R10-114
Tecra M10-17H
Tecra M11-130
Tecra A5-145
Tecra M4-154
Tecra M5-211
Tecra M3-11
Tecra A3-100
Tecra M5-386
Tecra M5-387
Tecra M9-139
Tecra M10-18M
Tecra A9-12H
Tecra M10-10W
Tecra R10-11B
Tecra A9-102
Tecra R10-143
Tecra M10-1H4
Tecra M10-1H5
Tecra M11-11M
Tecra A3X-136
Tecra A5-101
Tecra A6-107
Tecra A5-119
Tecra A5-120
Tecra A8-166
Tecra M9-196
Tecra M9-15T
Tecra M10-10H
Tecra R10-112
Tecra A9-51U
Tecra A9-51V
Tecra M10-15B
Tecra A10-16E
Tecra M10-1H3
Tecra A10-1HM
Tecra S1
Tecra M4-102
Tecra M5-101
Tecra M5-128
Tecra A4-163
Tecra A4-109
Tecra M3-116
Tecra A8-192
Tecra A8-193
Tecra A6-171
Tecra M10-196
Tecra A9-16I
Tecra A10-112
Tecra A9-12G
Tecra M9-147
Tecra S10-11R
Tecra M10-1DG
Tecra A10-1HN
Tecra M10-1K1
Tecra M11-17Z
Tecra M11-135
Tecra A3-146
Tecra M5-103
Tecra A4-111
Tecra M7-102
Tecra M9-104
Tecra A9-16H
Tecra A9-11I
Tecra M9-15S
Tecra M10-10I
Tecra M7-111
Tecra M9-12K
Tecra M9-12T
Tecra M9-15K