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Product name is a brand's identification of a product, often a model name, but not totally unique as it can include some product variants. Product name is a key part of the Icecat product title on a product data-sheet.
International Warranty Extension from 1 to 3 years
產品代碼 :
種類 :
Extending the warranty & support beyond that offered by the manufacturer/retailer, so that the purchase is covered for a longer period of time.
產品規格表品質: 由 Icecat 創建/標準化
只匯入物流資料: 我們只有從供應商匯入的基本資料,還沒有由一個編輯器建立的資料表。
建立者: Toshiba: 一個資料規格表是從製造商的官方來源匯入的。但是這個資料規格表尚未被 Icecat 編輯器標準化。
由 Icecat 創建/標準化: 該資料表是由一個 Icecat 編輯器建立或標準化。
發佈日期: 04 Nov 2005
Icecat 第一次注意到該產品被列入通路合作夥伴的價格清單的日期
訊息修訂於: 10 Dec 2015 12:04:04
此產品規格表在 Icecat 系統內最近更新的日期
產品瀏覽次數: 13551
這個統計數字是根據 61881 利用電子商務網站 〈網路商店、代理商、比價網站、電子商務平均價格、採購系統,等等〉下載此 Icecat產品規格表,從 04-11-05 免費的 Open Icecat 內容發佈只有包含贊助品牌,被使用在 60239 免費開放给 Open Icecat 使用者.
簡短說明 Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR:
簡短的編輯描述Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR
International Warranty Extension from 1 to 3 years (virtual)

市場行銷文檔 Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR

Toshiba notebooks are supplied with a 1 year standard warranty. Extending the service to 2 years will give you peace of mind and avoid unexpected out of warranty repair costs.

Key benefits

- Avoid unexpected out of warranty repair costs - all parts and labour are covered by the service package

- Extends your standard warranty from 1 year to 3 years - peace of mind during the lifetime of your Toshiba notebook

Service level

- This service extends your standard warranty from one to three years

- During this period, you can take or send your defective Toshiba notebook to a Toshiba Authorised Service Provider (this is a collect and return service in the UK and Ireland). All parts and labour costs required to repair your Toshiba notebook are provided free-of-charge, ensuring comprehensive protection for your investment.

Service hours

- This service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time, excluding public holidays.

Service coverage

- This service only covers the costs of service parts and labour required to restore the product to full working order within the service period.


- This warranty extension is not available for notebooks bought as classified stock, reconditioned or ex-demonstration products

- This service is only available for Toshiba notebook models with a one year standard warranty. Please check the compatibility list below for an exact overview of the compatible notebook models

Geographic coverage

- Worldwide


- This warranty extension can be purchased within the whole warranty period of your Toshiba notebook and must be activated within 30 days after purchase in order to use the service.

- To activate this warranty extension, you must register on-line at: www.toshiba-europe.com/registration.

Purchase country

- Austria, Belgium, France, France Metropolitan, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom
簡短摘要說明 Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR:
這個 %%title %%規格表的簡短摘要是自動生成的,並使用產品標題和前6個關鍵指標。
Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR, 5x9, Portégé R700-17W Portégé R700-1DJ Portégé M800-106 Portégé R700-15Q Portégé M800-11J
完整摘要描述 Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR:
這是一個根據前五個產品規格組的前三個規格來 Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR 的自動生成的完整摘要。
Toshiba 1YR -> 3YR. 年份數: 3 year(s), 服務時間(天x小時): 5x9, 兼容性: Portégé R700-17W Portégé R700-1DJ Portégé M800-106 Portégé R700-15Q Portégé M800-11J
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Period of time over which the product may be used.
3 year(s)
The other products, software and hardware this product can be used with.
Portégé R700-17W
Portégé R700-1DJ
Portégé M800-106
Portégé R700-15Q
Portégé M800-11J
Qosmio X300-13W
Qosmio X500-10X
Qosmio X300-11S
Qosmio X300-15U
Qosmio G50-129
Qosmio X300-15T
Qosmio X500-11M
Qosmio X500-149
Qosmio X500-128
Qosmio X500-116
Qosmio X300-11W
Qosmio X300-148
Qosmio F50-12W
Qosmio G50-10H
Qosmio F50-10Z
Qosmio G50-13U
Qosmio X300-16D
Qosmio X500-134
Qosmio G50-127
Qosmio G50-115
Qosmio X300-16C
Qosmio X300-12H
Qosmio X500-148
Qosmio F50-11Y
Qosmio X300-14U
Qosmio X500-10T
Satellite L350-170
Satellite C660-172
Satellite L350-20F
Satellite L350-20G
Satellite L300-1G6
Satellite L300-1G4
Satellite L450-137
Satellite A500-19X
Satellite L450-188
Satellite L450D-13G
Satellite L450D-13Z
Satellite L550-1CC
Satellite A500-1GM
Satellite L670D-11Q
Satellite C650D-112
Satellite C650-10W
Satellite C650-13G
Satellite C650-149
Satellite L670-17K
Satellite R630-135
Satellite L650-19W
Satellite L650-1DG
Satellite L630-13M
Satellite C650-19J
Satellite L650-1GC
Satellite L650-1FW
Satellite L650-1GD
Satellite L650D-15K
Satellite L655D-13L
Satellite L650-1JU
Satellite L655-178
Satellite L630-14C
Satellite L655-1EM
Satellite C660-11H
Satellite C660D-101
Satellite C660D-103
Satellite C660D-10W
Satellite C660-118
Satellite C660-119
Satellite P500-1HX
Satellite A660-1DW
Satellite A660-1FH
Satellite A660-1F4
Satellite C660-106
Satellite C660D-10D
Satellite U500-10Z
Satellite L650D-173
Satellite C660-1JH
Satellite T130-11H
Satellite C660D-153
Satellite C650-166
Satellite C660D-151
Satellite C660D-14X
Satellite L350D-12M
Satellite P500-1JE
Satellite A350D-202
Satellite A350-20Q
Satellite L300D-202
Satellite L350-212
Satellite A300-1RY
Satellite L300D-222
Satellite L300-25H
Satellite L300-26M
Satellite U500-11G
Satellite A500-15M
Satellite L300-29V
Satellite L300-29X
Satellite L500D-11R
Satellite T130-13L
Satellite L500-19Z
Satellite T130-130
Satellite L450D-11X
Satellite L450D-119
Satellite L500-1DT
Satellite L350-262
Satellite L350-264
Satellite A500-17X
Satellite T110-107
Satellite L450-181
Satellite T110-12T
Satellite L500D-16M
Satellite L500-1XJ
Satellite L500-1XL
Satellite L500-1ZC
Satellite L450D-13X
Satellite L550-1C9
Satellite L550-1CW
Satellite A500-1GL
Satellite L670-117
Satellite L650D-11R
Satellite L650D-123
Satellite T130-17W
Satellite A660-148
Satellite C650-160
Satellite L655D-12K
Satellite L655D-12L
Satellite A660-17T
Satellite P500-1F8
Satellite C650-1CT
Satellite L655D-133
Satellite L650-1M8
Satellite C660-15T
Satellite L670-1DN
Satellite C660D-102
Satellite L650-1MC
Satellite L655D-14H
Satellite L650-1PQ
Satellite A660-1H7
Satellite C660-1D7
Satellite C660-1G3
Satellite C660-187
Satellite L300-1DI
Satellite A500-15N
Satellite L500-11V
Satellite L300D-242
Satellite L300-29T
Satellite L300-2CP
Satellite L550-113
Satellite T130-13K
Satellite L500-1CQ
Satellite T130-12Z
Satellite T130-13N
Satellite L450D-11W
Satellite L350D-214
Satellite P500-12F
Satellite U500-1CN
Satellite L500-1Z5
Satellite P500-1CG
Satellite L650-10G
Satellite P500-1DX
Satellite L650D-111
Satellite L670-10N
Satellite L670-102
Satellite A660-14C
Satellite C650D-10K
Satellite C650D-11R
Satellite T230-10J
Satellite A665-11Z
Satellite L630-12U
Satellite L655-11G
Satellite L650-18R
Satellite L655-128
Satellite L670-19E
Satellite A660-17E
Satellite C650-1CN
Satellite C650D-12J
Satellite L655-16F
Satellite L650-1GF
Satellite L655-17U
Satellite C660-13R
Satellite L500-1WG
Satellite L650-1MV
Satellite L650-1PW
Satellite L505-144
Satellite L500-1XC
Satellite L630-16K
Satellite C660D-152
Satellite C660D-150
Satellite C660-17E
Satellite L300-1AQ
Satellite L350-171
Satellite L300-1DN
Satellite U400-189
Satellite L300-20D
Satellite A300-27H
Satellite L300-25G
Satellite L500-11N
Satellite L500-13N
Satellite T130-12N
Satellite L450-136
Satellite T110-11V
Satellite L350-277
Satellite T130-16W
Satellite L500-1Z9
Satellite L450-16K
Satellite L650-108
Satellite L650-12P
Satellite L670-12J
Satellite L670D-10N
Satellite C650-15U
Satellite C650-15W
Satellite C650-191
Satellite L650-18M
Satellite C650-194
Satellite C650D-126
Satellite L655-16E
Satellite C660-115
Satellite L670-1DG
Satellite L655D-13Q
Satellite L655-17D
Satellite C660-19G
Satellite C660-195
Satellite R630-13R
Satellite C660-1K9
Satellite L670-1H1
Satellite L670-1J0
Satellite C660-1E2
Satellite C660-184
Satellite L550D-11F
Satellite P300-150
Satellite P500-1JF
Satellite A350-20N
Satellite P300-20H
Satellite L350-203
Satellite A300-21I
Satellite L300-1DU
Satellite L300-1G9
Satellite L300-217
Satellite L300-1FS
Satellite L300D-21X
Satellite L300-227
Satellite L300-2CW
Satellite L350-21Q
Satellite T130-11G
Satellite T130-13M
Satellite L555-10R
Satellite U500-12C
Satellite L450D-113
Satellite L450D-114
Satellite L450D-11H
Satellite P500-12D
Satellite T110-11U
Satellite L450-18D
Satellite T110-10J
Satellite L500-1XM
Satellite L555-11K
Satellite L650D-101
Satellite P500-1DZ
Satellite A660-15T
Satellite C650D-114
Satellite C650-15X
Satellite C650-15Z
Satellite C650-182
Satellite C650-1CR
Satellite R630-138
Satellite L650D-13U
Satellite C660-10H
Satellite L650D-15G
Satellite A660-1DZ
Satellite A665-14R
Satellite C660D-124
Satellite C660-14X
Satellite L650-1MX
Satellite C660-155
Satellite R630-14R
Satellite T130-11J
Satellite L670-1KN
Satellite C660D-155
Satellite A660-1H6
Satellite C660D-154
Satellite U400-15E
Satellite U400-15B
Satellite U500-1E0
Satellite A350-20S
Satellite P300-1GL
Satellite P300-1FN
Satellite L350-17P
Satellite A350-12J
Satellite L300-1G8
Satellite A350D-203
Satellite L300D-243
Satellite T130-132
Satellite L450D-11V
Satellite L350D-216
Satellite L450D-128
Satellite L500D-16L
Satellite P500-14L
Satellite L500-1XD
Satellite L650-12N
Satellite C650-124
Satellite C650-15V
Satellite C650-110
Satellite R630-13F
Satellite L655-158
Satellite L670-17H
Satellite P500-1DT
Satellite L670D-13F
Satellite C660-120
Satellite L655D-13M
Satellite L655-177
Satellite C660-174
Satellite R630-141
Satellite C660-17W
Satellite R630-156
Satellite C660D-14W
Satellite U500-1EX
Satellite C660-18C
Satellite P300-1CN
Satellite L350-17R
Satellite L300-1G5
Satellite L300-20W
Satellite U400-22N
Satellite U500-10U
Satellite A500-11U
Satellite L300D-24Q
Satellite L350-21T
Satellite L350-235
Satellite U500-186
Satellite U500-178
Satellite L450D-11G
Satellite L450-16Q
Satellite T110-12U
Satellite T130-170
Satellite L500-1UR
Satellite L450D-13P
Satellite L670D-102
Satellite P500-1DW
Satellite L650-12K
Satellite A660-11M
Satellite A660-149
Satellite A660-155
Satellite C650D-115
Satellite T210-112
Satellite C650-154
Satellite L650-1CP
Satellite C650-19T
Satellite C650D-11E
Satellite C650D-12C
Satellite C660-108
Satellite L650D-14L
Satellite L650D-14M
Satellite L650-1K2
Satellite L655-17W
Satellite C660-173
Satellite C660-15R
Satellite C660-19E
Satellite A660-1FM
Satellite L300-29W
Satellite L500-1QK
Satellite C660-125
Satellite L670-1DL
Satellite C660-10D
Satellite R630-13T
Satellite U500-10X
Satellite C660-1JG
Satellite L670-1HZ
Satellite R630-155
Satellite C660-1J6
Satellite A350-11N
Satellite L500-128
Satellite P300-20C
Satellite A300-21H
Satellite L300-215
Satellite U400-217
Satellite P300-23L
Satellite L300-229
Satellite L300-22X
Satellite L300-2DR
Satellite L500-13V
Satellite L350-24R
Satellite L500-19X
Satellite T130-13Q
Satellite U500-176
Satellite L350D-213
Satellite L350D-215
Satellite T110-121
Satellite L500-207
Satellite L650D-102
Satellite L650-12Q
Satellite C650-14U
Satellite C650-15C
Satellite L650-19P
Satellite T230-12Q
Satellite C650-152
Satellite A660-18N
Satellite L630-130
Satellite C650-17Z
Satellite C650-1CP
Satellite C650-1CQ
Satellite L655-17H
Satellite L655-17K
Satellite L655-17V
Satellite C660-11K
Satellite C660D-10F
Satellite C660-17J
Satellite C660-116
Satellite C660-117
Satellite P500-1FX
Satellite L670-1DR
Satellite A665-14Q
Satellite C660-10T
Satellite L670-1J8
Satellite L630-16L
Satellite L670D-146
Satellite C660-1KT
Satellite Pro C660D-10C
Satellite Pro L650-165
Satellite Pro L450D-14X
Satellite Pro C660-16X
Satellite Pro C660-1LR
Satellite Pro L630-12E
Satellite Pro L630-135
Satellite Pro L300-1FK
Satellite Pro L500-1D6
Satellite Pro L500-1VV
Satellite Pro L450-17K
Satellite Pro L450-17L
Satellite Pro L300D-22E
Satellite Pro L300-293
Satellite Pro U500-1E4
Satellite Pro L500-1VT
Satellite Pro L300-2CH
Satellite Pro T130-14M
Satellite Pro A300-1S8
Satellite Pro U500-18T
Satellite Pro L450-13M
Satellite Pro S500-139
Satellite Pro L450D-12T
Satellite Pro L450D-14Z
Satellite Pro C660-16W
Satellite Pro C660-16T
Satellite Pro C660-16V
Satellite Pro S500-159
Satellite Pro L630-124
Satellite Pro L670-14M
Satellite Pro L650-166
Satellite Pro C650D-111
Satellite Pro C650-139
Satellite Pro C650-125
Satellite Pro L630-166
Satellite Pro L670-103
Satellite Pro C660-16N
Satellite Pro L550-19T
Satellite Pro L450-17Q
Satellite Pro L300D-224
Satellite Pro L550-17V
Satellite Pro L300-294
Satellite Pro S500-10E
Satellite Pro A300-1E7
Satellite Pro U400-246
Satellite Pro P300-28E
Satellite Pro P300-28M
Satellite Pro T130-14Q
Satellite Pro L500-1D2
Satellite Pro L500-1D3
Satellite Pro L670-18E
Satellite Pro C660-12F
Satellite Pro C660-167
Satellite Pro C660-16M
Satellite Pro L450D-14V
Satellite Pro C650-121
Satellite Pro C660-1LM
Satellite Pro C650-1KL
Satellite Pro C650-198
Satellite Pro C650-18U
Satellite Pro C660-1LP
Satellite Pro C650-18D
Satellite Pro L500-1VW
Satellite Pro L500-1VZ
Satellite Pro L450-17P
Satellite Pro L550-17U
Satellite Pro L300D-225
Satellite Pro L300-25K
Satellite Pro L500-1RF
Satellite Pro L500-1RJ
Satellite Pro A300-257
Satellite Pro L300-29D
Satellite Pro S500-11C
Satellite Pro L500-1TX
Satellite Pro L300-298
Satellite Pro L300-29C
Satellite Pro L300-2CJ
Satellite Pro L450D-11K
Satellite Pro L630-14J
Satellite Pro C660-171
Satellite Pro L670-11D
Satellite Pro C650-11Z
Satellite Pro C660-1LT
Satellite Pro L630-134
Satellite Pro C650-18E
Satellite Pro L300-1FN
Satellite Pro L500-1VX
Satellite Pro L550-17T
Satellite Pro A300-249
Satellite Pro L300D-20R
Satellite Pro L500-1RG
Satellite Pro L500-1RH
Satellite Pro L550-19Z
Satellite Pro A300-2C3
Satellite Pro A300-2C4
Satellite Pro U500-1E5
Satellite Pro P300-276
Satellite Pro U500-18V
Satellite Pro L500-1D4
Satellite Pro L670-18F
Satellite Pro L630-14K
Satellite Pro C660-16R
Satellite Pro C660-150
Satellite Pro C650D-10W
Satellite Pro L630-167
Satellite Pro S500-15W
Satellite Pro L650-1CJ
Satellite Pro T130-14U
Satellite Pro T130-15F
Satellite Pro P300D-21F
Satellite Pro L300-23L
Satellite Pro U500-1DK
Satellite Pro L300-28W
Satellite Pro A300-28R
Satellite Pro L450D-14F
Satellite Pro S500-156
Satellite Pro L670-14L
Satellite Pro L650-167
Satellite Pro L650-1QH
Satellite Pro L650-1CH
Satellite Pro L550-13M
Satellite Pro L450-17R
Satellite Pro U400-23X
Satellite Pro L500-1RE
Satellite Pro P300-1AY
Satellite Pro L300D-22Z
Satellite Pro P300-28L
Satellite Pro A300-2E3
Satellite Pro U500-18U
Satellite Pro L450-13P
Satellite Pro L450-13R
Satellite Pro L630-14L
Satellite Pro S500-12V
Satellite Pro S500-158
Satellite Pro L670-14P
Satellite Pro C650-13D
Satellite Pro L630-15W
Satellite Pro L650-1CG
Satellite Pro C650D-127
Satellite Pro L300-23M
Satellite Pro L300-26R
Satellite Pro L300-1DS
Satellite Pro P300-19Q
Satellite Pro L300-26P
Satellite Pro L300-26Q
Satellite Pro L300-292
Satellite Pro L300-297
Satellite Pro L300-296
Satellite Pro L450-13Q
Satellite Pro L450-13L
Satellite Pro L670-189
Satellite Pro L670-18D
Satellite Pro S500-138
Satellite Pro C660-111
Satellite Pro C650D-10Z
Satellite Pro S500-15C
Satellite Pro C650D-10X
Satellite Pro C660-102
Satellite Pro C650-196
Satellite Pro C650-197
Satellite Pro C660-1NR
Satellite Pro C660-1NQ
Satellite Pro C650-17G
Satellite Pro T110-13H
Satellite Pro L450-179
Satellite Pro L300D-21U
Satellite Pro L300-291
Satellite Pro A300-2C2
Satellite Pro A300-2C5
Satellite Pro L550-17R
Satellite Pro L450D-12X
Satellite Pro L300-299
Satellite Pro L300-2E5
Satellite Pro U400-232
Satellite Pro L500-1D1
Satellite Pro L450D-11J
Tecra A10-1HQ
Tecra A10-10P
Tecra A11-12F
Tecra A10-104
Tecra A10-1C5
Tecra A10-16D
Tecra A10-18Z
Tecra A11-17N
Tecra A10-14P
Tecra A10-156
Tecra A11-152
Tecra A10-19P
Tecra A11-153
Tecra A11-1EE
Tecra A11-17M
Tecra A11-1EG
Tecra A10-16E
Tecra A11-1EH
Tecra A10-1HM
Tecra A10-1HP
Tecra A10-112
Tecra A10-1LP
Tecra A10-1HN
Tecra A10-190
Tecra A11-11H