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Total effekt

-, 1000 W 26500
The total power that is needed by the device, or the total power produced by the device.
Snittjocklek (max)

0.15 mm 230
The maximum thickness of slices wich can be cut by the product.
Inbyggd diskbänk
There is a sink (basin) built into the product. A sink is a fixed basin with a water supply and outflow pipe.
Ugnsutrymme kapacitet

1 l 100
The amount of space available inside an oven for cooking.
Antal värmeelement
The quantity of heating elements, which convert electricity into heat through the process of resistive or Joule heating.
Centrifugering klass
Utdelningen torkeffektivitetsklass enligt EU energimärkningen. Klasserna varierar från A (mest effektiv) till G (minst effektiv).